5~7 April 2018


Abstracts for the 2018 ALCC are OPEN.

Submissions close on the 8 January 2018

Abstracts may be submitted via email on any topic relevant to lung cancer or mesothelioma and their multi-disciplinary treatment. All abstracts MUST be accompanied by a registration form and payment. Registration payment not received may result in withdrawal from the program. The scientific program committee reserves the right to decline unsuitable topics.


  1. Your 250 word abstract should include the aims of the study, brief details of methods, results and key conclusions. Abstracts should be descriptive and concise.
  2. Abstracts should NOT contain references, tables or figures.
  3. Abstracts should be submitted via email as an attachment saved in Microsoft WORD. Please include all information requested on this abstract submission form.
  4. Abstract format
    Title: To be set flush left of page, using sentence case, i.e. initial capital letter, followed by lower case.
    Followed by double spacing, then author/s name/s in upper and lower case.
    Name of the author presenting the paper must be marked with an asterisk. Authors and their organisations to be linked by numbers.See following as an example of abstract title:Australian lung cancer: The research behind it
    Phillips J1*, Thomas D2
    1 Australian Lung Foundation, Brisbane, Queensland
    2 Queensland Cancer Fund, Brisbane, QueenslandIndents: use tabs or indents (not hard spaces)
    Please refrain from using printing enhancements such as italics, underlining, bold text, etc. Italics may be used for non-English words or scientific names where necessary. The typesetter will add all other printing enhancements.
  5. Disclosure statement: Please note that we require all authors to make a statement about possible dualities or conflicts of interest. A duality is an association with a commercial or other sponsor that could potentially affect your independence or objectivity. Was the study to be reported in your paper in any way subject to a duality of interest? If so, please state the nature of this duality at the conclusion of your abstract. The source of funding for the study should be acknowledged in the abstract.
  6. All abstracts should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submitting.
  7. When submitting your abstract select the category that best fits your abstract:
    • Early NSCLC
    • Advanced NSCLC
    • SCLC
    • Mesothelioma
    • Supportive Care
    • Diagnosis/ Screening
    • Health Services
    • Biology/ Genetics/ Pathology
  1. Abstracts will be selected according to the criteria:
    • originality and interest
    • structure and clarity
    • scientific validity
    • potential significance
  1. Abstract submissions must be submitted online as a Microsoft WORD (.doc or .docx) attachment by 8 January 2018. Email:
  2. Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged.Authors will be advised as soon as possible as to whether their abstracts have been accepted.
  3. Successful abstracts will be published and distributed to delegates at the conference.

The format for this conference will be highly multidisciplinary and interactive. Attendance numbers are strictly limited to 400 delegates in order to facilitate this and to enable adequate multidisciplinary representation. Limited numbers have been set for each designated registration category.

Abstract submission form (731 KB)