Aiming High for Lung Cancer Care: Emphasising quality and value

Sponsorship & Exhibition

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The 6th Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC) provides a unique educational environment dedicated to inspire participants to achieve even greater national and international recognition for Australia’s excellence in the field of lung cancer.

If physicians, surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, nursing and other allied health professionals are part of your target market there is no better way to show your interest than by sponsoring the 6th Australian Lung Cancer Conference 2016.

Sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to promote your name, to support your brands and to maintain a high profile among specialists before, during and after the event.

Conference participants are keen to improve their scientific knowledge. Aligning your company with this powerful educational experience demonstrates your commitment to assisting their development at a deeply personal level.

Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to consolidate corporate relationships and expose your staff to their key markets.

Your representatives can mix informally with professionals from around the world.

Your company’s involvement, commitment and support for ALCC 2016 will be widely acknowledged.

Your company will benefit significantly from exposure to a keenly interested, relevant and, above all, influential audience in an educational environment away from the competition of everyday distractions.

Sponsorship contributes to the promotion, planning and operation of the Conference, reducing the overall cost of managing and staging the event and enabling a higher level of participation by delegates from less advantaged countries.

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The trade exhibition will be a major component of ALCC 2016. It will be incorporated into the busy catering, Poster display and lounge areas.  This will provide you with maximum exposure and a wonderful opportunity to interact with 500 delegates anticipated to attend.  The program has also been designed to ensure all delegates have ample time to make their way around the exhibition. For more information please download the .